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Variolens 2

Variolens 2 helps rifle shooters obtain the perfect focus at any desired distance, being it a target at 300m, 100m, 50m, 15m, 10m, or even the rifle’s sight. Obviously, these are only a few examples and it is possible to set Variolens 2 at any other intermediate focus between the target and the sight. Variolens 2 also allows to obtain the perfect sharpness of any desired image.

Since October 2010 Variolens 2 can also be used by prone rifle shooters in the Senior B category and older (≥66 anni) in Germany, and carabin shooters can mount it between the scope and the eye. For this reason we also provide the adequate mounting accessory for the Gehmann (n°501) at the price of 39,90€.

Variolens 2 allows pistol shooters to focus perfectly the sights while defocusing the target. In this way, concentration on aiming the pistol is maximal due to the perfect vision of the sights.

Variolens 2 replaces in the emmetropic shooters, or completes in the near-/far-sighted and astigmatic shooters, the lenses of the normal shooting glasses as conceived so far, which as it is known are not adjustable. Variolens 2 can also compensate various and variable light conditions, visibility conditions and distances.

History of Variolens

Back in 1980 Prof. J. Silver from Oxford University has started working with his team on the development of an adjustable lens capable to allowing continuous and uniform focus. His work has been covered by more than 100 international patents since then. It was in 2003 that Prof. Silver and Fritz Niemann met. The latter immediately recognized the huge potential in the development of this adjustable lens in a novel field, and it was shortly thereafter decided to undertake the task of developing a special model for shooting lenses. A few experimental models were developed and in 2010 the first model, called Variolens 1, was put in the market. This first model, however, had an aluminum body, it was larger, heavier, less practical and more expensive than Variolens 2.

For all these reasons research and development never ended and, after the approriate tests, the second model soon became reality. This second model, called Variolens 2, is made entirely of syntetic material, it is smaller, thinnier, lighter, more practical and economic.

Novel highly specific analyses have been developed to test Variolens 2: from resistance tests to verify proper functionality, to tests of resistance to heat and cold, to tests to verify the elasticity and resistance of the membranes. In December 2010 a first experimental product line was built and in February-March 2011 the first actual series was produced at Oxford. After a thorough final inspection the distribution of the lenses should begin by March 2011.

What is Variolens 2

Variolens 2 consists of a system of membranes and fluids. The lens is adjusted uniformly by adding or removing fluid (silicone oil), said adjustment being controlled by a cylinder. The system is then mounted on the shooting glasses through a locking device built into the lens. This opens the possibility to adjust the visual acuity on a range of at least 7 diopters. We took into account suggestions and wishes of our customers to develop Variolens 2. Using a plastic casing of completely new development the Variolens 2 has become smaller and lighter, and can be mounted closer to the eye, therefore decreasing the detrimental effects caused by light scattering. In additionm we were able to expand the range of adjustment up to 7 diopters, from (-3,5 to +3,5).

Variolens 2 allows shooters to blur the target while placing into sharp focus the weapons’ sights, in order to increase the focus on them and on the vision of the desired aims. Variolens 2 also allows to replace or complete the shooting glasses, which so far have never been adjustable. It can also compensate for different or variable conditions of light (natural or artificial), distance and sharpness.

What can Variolens 2 do?

In general
Variolens 2 can replace or at least complete the traditional shooting glasses, which are not adjustable. Turning the adjustment screw, in fact, you can set the focus of Variolens as needed and according to the anatomical features of the eyes of every shooter. Using Variolens 2 shooters may also be able to adapt to different and / or variable conditions of light, contrast (e.g. when facing the sun), as well as to visual field variations.

Variolens 2 helps rifle shooters obtain the perfect focus at any desired distance, being it a target at 300m, 100m, 50m, 15m, 10m, or even the rifle’s sight. Obviously, these are only a few examples and it is possible to set Variolens 2 at any other intermediate focus between the target and the sight. Variolens 2 also allows to obtain the perfect sharpness of any desired image.

Variolens 2 allows pistol shooters pistol or rifle shooters (weapons with external sights), to put in sharp focus the weapons’ sights while leaving the target out of focus, or, to set a desired viewing distance where it is possible to obtain a clear picture of the sights (clear sights’ outlines, blurred target), and concentrate on them as needed.

Description and Function
Variolens 2 looks like a normal lens, but it contains a system consisting of a perfectly transparent membrane and liquid (silicone oil). The membrane is regulated in a progressive manner by adding or removing fluid in order to achieve any desired adjustment in a range of up to than 6 diopters. In this way the membrane is curved more or less and behaves much like the human crystalline lens in the physiological mechanism of accommodation (focusing).

This adjustment is done by turning a screw cap.

Before installing the Variolens you need to decide whether you want to make adjustments with your left hand or right hand. Then you need to hold on the shooting glasses. You can use two Z-shaped mounts provided with Variolens to determine the position of the lens from the eye and, for rifle shooters, from the scope.

After mounting the Variolens, the area to be in sharp focus is determined by adjusting the screw on the cylinder. The pistol shooters can make the adjustment by focusing on a written text positioned at an extended arm's length.

What Variolens 2 is not able to do?

Variolens 2 can correct refraction defects such as myopa and hyperopia in the range -3,5 / +3,5 spheric dioptres and can subsitute the correction for presbyopia, but it cannot correct astigmatism (the latter being corrected with cylindrical, not spheric, lenses). However, in the case of astigmatic shooters, the refraction defects outside the range of possible correction by Variolens 2 can simply be covered by normal shooting glasses. By adding Variolens on these glasses, astigmatic shooters can benefit of all the functions described above.

What to do with the shooting lens already in use?

A corrective lens in use is typically fixed before the Variolens using the housing that positions the lens in line with the center of Variolens.

Mounting examples

Examples of mounting Variolens on two different models for shooting glasses.

Tips for all shooters who need a cylindrical correction (for astigmatism): photos with support for the lens shows how they can be mounted on the glasses, in addition you can also install filters or diaphragms.

Authorization for sportive shooting

The Variolens was classified as a personal accessory (shooting glasses) from the Technical Commission of the German federation and also by ISSF (International Federation). In this way, every shooter may use this adjustable lens for shooting in training and in competition.

How to order

For your orders please use the form in the attached .pdf document. Also on our website you will find references on how to contact the representative nearest to you.

Order Form
No. - Description - Price - Quantity

Prices Variolens & Accessories
01 - Variolens complete set from 01.01.2011, € 179
(Included accessories from 11 to 15)

11 - Mounting Bracket small € 1.90
12 - Mounting Bracket large € 1.90
13 - Screw € 0.50
14 - Allen wrench fits variolens € 0.90
15 - Lens Cleaning Cloth € 0.50
17 - Variolens cap € 3.50

Prices for mounting the dioptric system of rifles
21 - Mounting for the dioptric system of Gehmann; (This assembly will be in stores starting in January 2011 with a platform for Variolens 2) € 41.90

Prices of shooting glasses and accessories
22 - Shooting Glasses Knobloch K1 Rifle with support for 23mm lens € 149.50
23 - Shooting Glasses Knobloch K1 with support for gun 37mm lens € 149.50
24 - Support for 23mm diameter lens for K1 rifle with screw € 17.90
25 - Support for K1 lens diameter 37mm guns with screw € 17.90
26 - Transparent cover for the eye that is not intended to Knobloch K1 with screw € 19.90
27 – Diaphragm for support to the pistol 37mm € 59
28 - Clip filter lens 37mm gun € 8
29 - Yellow filter for 37mm lens gun € 19
30 - Grey Filter for 37mm lens gun € 19

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